glownaturalli ambassadors

if you’re interested in helping us grow our brand, read below 💛


so what we’re basically doing is reaching out to people with a large Instagram following in the Melbourne region who are interested in being paid to promote our products on your Instagram account. 


we currently have a wide range of skincare and beauty products (our bestsellers are our 24k gold face masks, charcoal masks, charcoal toothpaste, raw african black soap, african shea butter and many more) on our store and it would really mean a lot to us if you could try out some of our products and post photos of you with our products on your Instagram feed (which, btw is beautiful so keep up the good work xx) and tag our brand @glownaturalli in those posts.



we run an affiliate program which allows you to get paid 10% of every sale you bring us (through your own affiliate link) which we will make once you reply. we also have an ambassador program running atm and that encompasses a lot of benefits for you (should you wish to join us on our journey) such as being added to our list of 100 day 1's (see the highlight on @glownaturalli), we will give you and your followers, friends & family discount codes and we will send you free products eventually!



so you're probably wondering, how do i even do all this, so here's a quick timeline/checklist for you:

-we let you have some of our highest selling products for as little as $2 or $3 with free shipping, so you can get some of our products and try them out

-if you like them, you can post photos with you using our products on your Instagram feed

-you will get a personalised discount code to our store which tracks when people use that discount, and we will then pay you 10% of every sale to your PayPal

-you will be added to our list of "100 day 1's" and you will get all the benefits that come with that


let us know what you think! we could really use your help 💛


frequently asked questions:

q: what are the benefits of being an ambassador?

a: firstly, we pay you a starting commission of 10% for every sale you bring us (through your own personalised discount code) and this commission will increase as you get more sales. secondly, you will be entered into or monthly giveaway which is restricted to ambassadors only. thirdly, we will try to keep a close partnership with you forever, so when we become a more well known brand, you will obviously get the perks that come along w that!