About Us

What is Moce?

Moce, meaning 'sleep' in Fijian, is not only about improving the quality of your sleep, but the overall quality of your life.

As humans, we spend 43% of our lives (on average) in our beds. Additionally, approximately 7 out of 10 people don't achieve a "good night's sleep". If this is you, consider taking measures to improve your sleep. On this website, we have a blog where we post sleeping tips. However, our products are hand-picked from the "Most Helpful Sleep Improving Products" so we can provide you with only the best quality sleep-aid. Moreover, our products are sourced from specialised retailers in Asia, which are checked by us here at Moce, to ensure you receive the product you want. Read our Return Policy Page for more information.


Why should you purchase from Moce?

Here at Moce, we only intend to provide you with not only better sleep, but we strive in helping the world enjoy the best rest they have ever had. This implies that we have no intention but to give you a better rest tonight. 

We have tirelessly searched for quality products and have compiled the best range of products at unbeatable prices. Since we are only small, we can offer you extremely low discounts, check out our latest Travellers Map 50% OFF Sale for more information.