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coconut and raw sugar lip oil with tea tree oil mixed in for lip repair.

the fiji islands are a paradise of the south pacific, blessed with 333 islands. coconut is botanically known as cocos nucifera is a prominent part of fiji's culture and brand.

our lip oil helps protect and keep the skin of your lips moist. coconut oil is the golden ingredient in our 'fiji' lip oil. it helps trap moisture in your skin, so it works best immediately after you shower. you can also treat it like an organic lip balm, since you can apply it throughout the day as needed, especially when considering that your lips lose moisture more faster than the rest of the body.

coconut oil is partnered with tea tree oil, which has disinfecting and antimicrobial effects, and mainly helps with chapped lips. we also added raw sugar to help exfoliate microscopic dead skin cells on your lips which may be preventing your lips from being naturalli glossy.

if you want thicker eyebrows and lashes, apply our 'fiji' lip oil, don't be shy.

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