the glow naturalli mask

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australia's 1st natural face mask is out now!

only a few more are available, so get yours before they're gone, and enjoy free shipping.


the powdered form means it lasts longer and preservatives become irrelevant. thus, only natural ingredients can be found in the glow naturalli mask. 

all four of our australian ingredients (kaolin clay, sandalwood, turmeric and coconut milk) are 100% certified organic and 100% certified natural.


australian kaolin clay will exfoliate dead skin and absorb impurities from your pores.

australian sandalwood powder helps soothe inflammation and brighten the skin where dark spots are present.

australian turmeric powder contains the antioxidant curcumin which helps lighten hyperpigmentation as well as providing you with that natural glow.

australian coconut milk in powdered form not only gives the mask a creamy texture making it easy to apply, but also improves elasticity.